Rosie Clare Shorter

I am a feminist researcher interested in gender, sexuality, religion and posthumanism.

I’m currently a PhD candidate in the Religion and Society Research Cluster at Western Sydney University. My PhD research has focused on gender, sexuality and evangelism in the Sydney Anglican Diocese. While studying, I’ve also been teaching undergrad sociology, religious studies and anthropology of religion at Western Sydney Uni, Deakin Uni and Melbourne Uni.

I have also completed a Bachelor of Creative Arts and a Master of Research at Macquarie University, in the department of Media, Music, Communications and Cultural Studies. In 2016 MQ sent me a cute certificate in the post because I received a Faculty of Arts Highest Achiever in a Unit of Study Award, for the unit ‘Feminism, Queer Theory and the Problem of Identity.’ (This always reminds me of primary school merit awards)

I am an avid reader of Sara Ahmed, a persistent reader of Rosi Braidotti, and a recent ‘convert’ to feminist trauma theologies and critical menstruation studies.

I’m also a creative arts girl, and outside of academic life, I’ve worked in the arts – mainly in theatre – since my early twenties (so I am no stranger to freelance, gig life). I have a weakness for Jane Austen adaptations, statement earrings, show tunes, ballads and writing ridiculously long sentences.