I’m here thinking and writing about the things we’re not meant to talk about; sex, (feminist)politics and religion. What could possibly go wrong?

10 years ago I started a blog called Reflections and Fragments. It has been good to me, but after two degrees,  several journeys to the UK, and an ideological shift that took me from uncomfortable with the only Feminism I had encountered (Liberal Feminism), to being increasingly at home in the vast and diverse lands of intersectional, socialist and post-humanist feminism(s),  I have decided it is time to end my relationship with my first blog, and move on in search of new experiences. So here I am at wordpress.

I have no idea what I’m doing (fun times and bad formatting will surely follow), but I know that I’m going to keep thinking and writing things about sex, politics and religion, and now those things will have a new home. (The old blog will stay, so if you feel the need to reread the angsty poetry of my teens and early twenties you know where to find it)

I’m probably going to move some of my existing pieces over here and then in that marvelous thing called “spare time” I’ll hopefully write some new things, and we (I assume there is someone there, reading this) can go on an adventure together. *

Let’s do this!

*by adventure I mean be willing to think through potentially uncomfortable ideas, perhaps learn to think of ourselves and our world in new and different ways, or perhaps go on a thought experiment and then end up exactly where you started. And by together I mean separately, I’ll be at my computer and you’ll be at yours, but this is the beauty of the interwebs.

“we need to learn to think differently about ourselves” – rosi braidotti


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